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Hello and welcome. quadtronix.webs.com is a blog devoted to quadcore devices (mostly mobile). These are very exciting times for fans of quadcore, as quadcore processors make the transition from desktop computers and high-end laptops to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It's truely amazing how far we've come in the last couple years: from single core devices (some with less then 1GHz) to quadcore handsets and tablets that max out at over 1.7 GHz! What's even more amazing is to think of where this all is heading. That, and the potential use cases and applictions that this new technology will unlock for the end-user. Phones that dock into tablets and laptops or can be set up with a monitor for a full PC experience... Tablets that run console-quality games and play full HD video. 3D applications, Augmented reality... the sky is the limit. We here at quadtronix.webs.com will try our best to keep you up to date on all these new technologies and more. We hope you enjoy what you find here...

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